Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is an evidence-based, generally short-term intervention, shown to be effective in treating a variety of problems including depression and a range of anxiety disorders. Initially, clients are helped to understand the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how they affect one another. Working collaboratively with the therapist, clients identify distorted and maladaptive thinking patterns and work to replace them with more accurate and constructive interpretations of themselves, the world around them, and their future. This process leads to positive emotional and behavioral change.

CBT is an active therapy. As part of this treatment, clients regularly receive practice exercises to be done between sessions that supplement and reinforce their work. Mindfulness strategies are often incorporated into CBT. These strategies raise clients’ awareness of their internal experiences, often enhancing the impact of the therapy. Research has shown CBT to be effective, in some cases, as a stand alone treatment, and in others, in conjunction with medication.

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