Insomnia Treatment

If you suffer from chronic insomnia, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia, or CBT-I, is shown to be a highly effective treatment. It is a short-term, behavior-based therapy, which is at least as effective, if not more so, than sleep medications in enabling quality sleep. And although CBT-I is a standardized treatment, at WCDBT, we tailor it to fit each client's individual background, stage in life, and personal needs and preferences.

If you are currently taking sleep medication, it is not necessary to discontinue it before embarking on CBT-I. Some people choose to remain on medication while learning and applying new behaviors to improve sleep. Others prefer to discontinue medication before starting out or during the course of treatment. In these cases, we work with your prescribing physician to gradually discontinue use.

This short-term treatment can have an enormous impact in improving the quality of your life.

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